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This is my great grandpa but I call him fj. He doesn’t have much longer to live, he is 84 and he has a heart condition and many others. He is the one person that I know loves me unconditionally. He fought in the army four 37 years. He also was diagnosed with alhimerz (I can’t spell) and he forgets everyone, but he always remembers me always smiles. And he says I’m the most beautiful lady he knows and if I need him next time I go to the hospital he will be there to hold my hand. He also I found out was not eating before I got here and lost 60 pounds in four months. He has been eating regular meals since I’ve been here and I am so grateful for that. He deserves the best. He is an amazing person and was amazing to my nanny who is gone, rip. He is my world right now. He just reccently signed a dnr which means do not ressuate and so if his heart stops he is gone for good. I’m not in a good place right now bevause of all of this and if you could please guys I domt ask much from you, but please pray for him because he is an amazing guy.

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